Future Goals

I am continually improving myself until I become a Fullstack Web Developer. One big goal I have at the moment is to complete this portfolio. But for now, check out my GitHub!

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My Timeline

A quick timeline of my achievements and future goals.

Enroll at DePaul University - September 2016

Finally knowing what I want to do for my career I get accepted and enroll in DePaul's Computer Science program. Starting off with the basics of software development.

Sept. 2016 - March 2020 - A Solid Foundation

For 4 years at DePaul I studied and formed a solid understanding of all things software and development. Learning multiple languages and adding tools to my belt allowed me to decide what kind of developer I wanted to be.

Graduation - March 2020

COVID hit the last few weeks of class and a few of my finals were taken online instead of at campus. My commencement was now a YouTube video instead of your traditional walk ceremony. But I finally finished and received my BS in CS and was on to bigger and better things.

After Graduation - Fork in the Road

After I was freed from the shackles of school I started to explore other areas of my profession. I started working with HTML and CSS and JS more in my experiments and projects. It seemed like web development was a fun and fast paced area of software development that I enjoyed the most.

Job at Officite - December 2020

I continued to develope my skills in the area of web development. Honing in my HTML/CSS/JS knowledge and abilities. Eventually I found my foot in the door of a digital marketing and website management company called Officite. Here I am able to use my knowledge on actual client websites and learn more about design patterns and the culture of office life at a large business. It is the perfect place for a FED who was just starting out.

December 2021 - Job at Boost Auto Parts

Using the knowledge I acquired from my time at Officite I am now the leading in-house Web & Content Developer for Boost Auto Parts. A rapidly growing online auto part retailer out of West Chicago.

Get Certificate for ReactJS - March 2022

React as a library or framework (however you want to call it) is extremely popular. But for a good reason. Along my journey to become a fullstack developer I know how important it is to learn and understand a frontend framework such as React or Vue. I plan on getting my certificate in React by March.