About Me

My Story

I recently graduated from DePaul University in March of 2020. I was very proud to receive my Bachelor of Science Degree and become one of DePaul’s many respected Alumni.

My academic curriculum was heavily focused on Computer Science, specifically Software Development. My curriculum dipped into many different tools and frameworks. It was heavily focused on the design and implementation of algorithms within programming. My toolset mainly includes Java and Python, but I know the basics (if not a little more) for several other languages and frameworks.

I currently work as a Front End Developer for Officite, maintaining the web presence of hundreds of Medical and Dental Practices on the web. I am thankful for the opportunity they have given me to grow and expand my knowledge and share my skill.

My College Journey

Software development was not my first choice. In fact, I went to the University of Iowa in order to pursue a career in Nursing. Once I realized that a hospital was not my first choice of work environment I quickly changed my tune. After that change of heart, I also changed my living situation and moved to Arizona where I attended a community college and took some classes in Computer Science. I fell in love with the logical, meticulous, brain-teasing world of programming and I knew that I could see myself in the future designing and creating applications. Moving back to Chicago was my next step and I found a great CS program at DePaul. After years of study, hours of pouring over code, and staring at a screen I am finally ready to take my next step in my career.


Whether it is learning a new language or software I am very quick to pick up the basics and become independent.

Problem Solver

Wall after wall, obstacle after obstacle, I find the solution to the problem through every avenue and back alley that I can until the job is done.

Great Communicator

I am very responsive and I make my point clear and heard. The devil is in the detail and without it, things tend to unravel.

My Music Taste

I love music. I love to explore new music and be pleasantly surprised by every strum of the guitar or beat of the drum. I dip into rap, jazz, alternative, rock, and several other genres and sub-genres. My current favorite find is Fumblin’ by a small band named 2%.