Logan Murray

Frontend Developer at Officite

This website is designed to let you get to know me as a person and a Software Developer. Enjoy!


No matter the job, big or small, I always pour my heart and soul into it.

Goal Oriented

My work usually speaks for itself and if I have an end in sight you best believe I do whatever I can to achieve it.

Self Sufficient

Although I am an excellent team player, I am used to working independently and I see that as an asset.


A list of my skills with a short explanation.


Python is by far my favorite language. I would really love to become an expert in all things Python. My experience in school is about 2+ years mostly in Data Analysis and visualization tools.


A lot of my core concept programming courses were in Java. My Data Structures classes and my OOP and Design Pattern courses were in Java. I love it enough to want to learn more.


Most of my Web Dev skill is from personal discovery and fiddling around after class. I am taking an online course to learn React and having a blast working on the projects. Decent with CMS.


My courses at DePaul were “Database Systems I” and “II” where I learned a lot of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. I haven’t done much with my knowledge since graduation, but I am hoping to learn more soon.

Operating Systems

I have been familiar with Windows-based systems my whole life. I have some experience in VMware and Linux based systems due to some of my C/C++ based courses at DePaul.


I am proficient in Microsoft Office software. I am comfortable with Command Line/PowerShell/Bash. I am an intermediate Spanish speaker. PhotoShop/Illustrator experienced.

Check out my code on Github

Thanks to GitHub I can showcase my progress as a developer to any inquisitive mind. Most of my projects have been purely academic, but in my spare time, I like to work on some personal ventures of my own. Like this website for instance. I find it is very important to know how to use a version control system like Git when starting off as a developer in any field.

My Projects

This website is designed to show off my talents as a developer and to map my growth and development throughout my journey. Feel free to take a look at some of my work and get a better feel of how I’ve progressed.

Pictures of my pets

What website on the internet wouldn’t be complete without pictures of cute animals? Here are some photos that I have taken of my two dogs. Feel free to browse!

Thank you for visiting!

If you would like to get in touch with me feel free to click the link below. And again, thank you for taking the time to review my work.